Gemini Award Winning actress Debra Lynne McCabe has proven herself more than capable in a myriad of roles in many genres. Her talent and expansive body of work led to critical acclaim in 2010 when awarded Best Actress by the Academy of Film and Television for her outstanding performance in the mini-series ‘GUNS’. This honor stemmed from Debra's two Gemini Award Nominations, which also included Best Actress in the dramatic series ‘BLOODLETTING AND MIRACULOUS CURES’.


"She has an extraordinary 'chameleon-esque' quality." wrote Sally Cole of The Guardian. In articles spanning from The New York Times to The Globe and Mail, this seems to be a recurring description of the Canadian born actress's work.
Born in northern Quebec and having lived all over Canada, Debra considers herself a native of the Maritimes, where most of her family still resides.

At the age of 16, her first role in a major feature film ignited the course of passion and commitment that would drive the rest of her career.


From her buzz-worthy turn in 'SAW 3' to stints on faves including 'DEGRASSI', 'HEARTLAND', 'MURDOCH MYSTERIES', her memorable portrayals in true-to-life television features - 'VICTOR', the Victor Davis Story, to showing her aptitude for the hilarious in the satires/comedies such as 'LOVE YOU TO DEATH'.  Whether it be surprising as the rifle toting, mini skirt clad menace in Global's hot new series 'LOST GIRL', to gracing primetime for 3 seasons as the sexy unflappable lawyer in CBC's success 'THE BORDER', Debra Lynne McCabe continues to make her mark..

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